Let’s Have Breakfast (2014 Yeartheme)

You do right when you offer faith to God; you do right when you offer works. But if you separate the two, then you do wrong. For faith without work is dead; and lack of charity in action murders faith.

— St. Bernard

As written in the Apostolic Letter of Pope Benedict XVI called Porta Fidei (The Door of Faith), faith grows when it is lived as an experience of love received and when it is communicated as an experience of grace and joy. And even in the bible, St. Paul also reminds us that “faith works through love” (Galatians 5:6), “and even great works done for God, have no value apart from love” (1 Corinthians 13:3). God, the supreme object of our faith, is love, and we show our faith in our loving acts.

Motivated by Let’s Actifaith and the call of Pope Francis in giving preferential option for the poor2, Chiro Pilipinas launches the 2014 YearTheme “Let’s Have Breakfast!” Primarily, “Let’s Have Breakfast!” focuses on one of our Chiro values, solidarity with the poor. After all the expected and unexpected calamities in the country, Chiro is called to have an open heart and caring hands to help those in need, to reach out to the poor.

The yeartheme is based from the Gospel of John 21:12, it is when Jesus invited the disciples “come and have break- fast.” In this scenario happens a symbolic Eucharistic cele- bration. They gathered around the fire, cooked some fish, had some rest and conversations (a moment of camarade- rie among a group of young men). “Come and have breakfast” also reiterates the importance of having a personal encounter with the people. Jesus is not after the fish, He is after us, He is after you!

“Let’s” aim to encourage that we are all together in this mis- sion, as one Chiro community of young Christians, sharing love to others and experiencing personal encounters with Christ. The term “Breakfast” talks about the most important meal of the day. Though most of the people agree of its im- portance, it is often taken for granted by many because they always rush to work, school, meeting, etc. or worst, they do not have anything to eat before leaving their homes.

“Let’s Have Breakfast!” is the strong response of Chiro in contributing to the nutritional problems of the Filipino chil- dren. Do you know that in the recent study of Food and Nu- trition Research Institute (FNRI), results show that one out of four children is considered underweight? This is equiva- lent to 4 million children.3 The study also found out that many young people go to school without having breakfast. In this situation, we show our solidarity with them by re- sponding to their needs (nutrition and total human develop- ment thru games and other structured learning experienc- es).

We encourage local groups to be more reflective of these societal issues, go out of their comfort zones and do chil- dren related projects for 2014 (children’s feeding program w/ Chiro games, nutrition campaign for young people, etc.)
“Let’s Have Breakfast!” also collaborates with the themes of our umbrella organizations both in FNYO (National) Year of the Laity and FIMCAP (International) Children’s Rights.