Yeartheme and Watchword

The YearTheme

The Year Theme is a statement which usually focuses the attention of the movement on a certain aspect of the Chiro Creed. It highlights the direction of the movement during a period of one year. It may also be taken from the Liturgical Year Theme of the Catholic Church adapted to the Philippine youth setting. It is where we focus the year’s activities and where we get the watchwords. The Year Theme should be developed by the National Council and should be applied by all the groups but the explanation can be adapted.

The Watchword

It is not enough to bring the members under the influence of the Chiro Spirit during the Sunday Activities. The Spirit has to penetrate and permeate the life of the members. It has to inspire their everyday life and activity. The watchword is a slogan derived from the year theme and it reflects the Spirit in which our activities are held during a certain period of time. The watchword reminds the members in what spirit we hold our activities. The watchword program is closely related to the liturgical periods of the Church. The watchword should originate from the National Council on a bi-monthly basis and should be used by all the groups. So that the watchword can be fully understood by the leaders, the National Council shall provide materials. It is actually explained and published in the monthly leader’s magazine: the Flame. Individual research by leaders is likewise encouraged and/or watchword studies can be done in Leader’s Meeting.


The Blue Slippers – 2017

The Merciful King and I – 2016

I Want to Serve You – 2015

Let’s Have Breakfast – 2014



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