Training and Expansion


We are committed to wards the holistic development of children and leaders and also the community where we belong.

We aim to (1) build leaders for the parish and the community and (2) collaborate with youth ministers in building and promoting children’s ministry in their respective parishes and/or local communities.

The training committee offers the following programs:

  1. Chiro Weekend  – Weekend (1-2 days)
  2. – General orientation Program for parishes or groups who would like to start their own Chiro/ Children’s Ministry  
    – Includes proposed sessions on : Youth Situation, What is Chiro? Why Chiro? Why Play?
    Difference between youth ministry and children’s ministy
    Chiro Methods
    – There is a proposed 5 month program after the Weekend Training

  3. Aspirants’ Training Camp – 4 programs
    • Regular Module – 3 full days
    • Expansion Module – 3 full days
    • ATC1  Basic Expansion Module – (Weekend)
    • ATC2  Expansion Follow Up Course – (Weekend)

    – Sessions include: Youth Situation, What is Chiro? Why Chiro? Why Play? Difference between youth ministry and children’s ministy, Chiro Methods, Structured Learning Experience, Chiro Spirituality, Handling Games/ Songs/ Creative Activities, Psychology  

  4. Leaders’ Training Camp 
  5. – A training camp for division leaders (leaders of different age groups).
    – It aims to train division leaders skills on how to plan and organize activities appropriate for the age group they are handling.

  6. GL DLs and RLs Training Camp  – 2 programs (GL only and DL and RL only)
  7. – A training camp to help equip Group Leaders, District Leaders and Regional Leaders on organizing and leading.
    – Sessions include: Roles and Functions of GL,DL,and RL, Event Management (Planning, Organizing, Leading and Evaluating Programs), Meetings Management, How to Relate with Parents and the Parish, Fund Raising for Groups, and Conflicts Management

  8. Thematic Camp – Specialized Programs on Different Areas 
    • Thematic 1 – Basic Orientation Program for Divisions – 3 full days
    • – Basics on how to run the modules on Adventures of the Sun, Round the Crown, Colors of Friendship and Crossroads

    • Thematic 2 – Camps – 3 full days
    • – How to organize Chiro Summer camps for your group

    • Thematic 3 – Games – Weekend (2 days)
    • – What is Play? Why Play?
      – How to organize games with a point
      – How to make simple to complicated games
      – Creative Gaming

    • Thematic 4 – Induction – 3 full days (COMING SOON)
    • – Basics on how to run the induction formation program

    • Thematic 5 – Event Management – 3-4 days (COMING SOON)
    • – Organizing District Days, Regional Camps or National Camps

  9. Trainors’ Training Camp – 2 weekends
  10. – Training camp for those who would like to volunteer as trainors for the region/national.
    – Commitment is expected after attending and passing the requirements.
    – Passing of the test is a requirement
    – a Level Up Course follows the TTC for updates, etc.

  11. Workshops Offered for All Parishes/ Youth Groups:
    1. Workshop on Leading Games for New Evangelization
    2. Workshop on Establishing Children’s Ministry

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