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Ever wondered why Chiro Leaders are great?

I can say that one of the many reasons is because Chiro Leaders attend training camps. There are various training camps present in our Chiro world, one of which is the Thematic Camp. The thematic camps are famous in aiding leaders on their journey in serving the youth and it has various themes; an example is a thematic camp on CAMPS which was held recently at Baguio City.

The Thematic Camp on Camps was held at the Mary Heights Formation Center, Bakakeng, Baguio City last January 6-8, 2017. It was attended by 25 leaders and aspirants from local groups of Cainta, Pasig, Maybunga, Montalban, Las Piñas, Sun Valley, Tanza, Noveleta, Binakayan, Silang, and Munoz. They are very eager in broadening their knowledge on how to organize camps; the pictures are the evidence.

This Thematic Camp on Camps, in particular, is a very special one because of trainers from our partner organization JuBla Switzerland, namely, Flavio, Laura, and Olivia attended and shared their knowledge and skills to our leaders.

There are 8 sessions; some of them were lengthy and would require a lot of focus but our leaders were not fazed by this and kept on absorbing a lot of information. The three-day camp was short but very much fruitful. Everyone exchanged laughs and experiences while learning together.

We also celebrated the 65th Anniversary of our beloved organization through a holy mass that was celebrated by Rev. Bishop Carlito Cenzon CICM, DD who was a former Chiro boy when he was still in the seminary. Alumni leaders also attended the event wherein after the mass everyone shared a mini “salu salo” with donuts and hot chocolate drinks. That was a very special moment for that combo meal was a favorite of Fr. Francis Gevers, CICM; our founder. Alumni leaders shared their experiences and memories with us and you can see that they miss and still love the organization, as they were smiling, their eyes also smiled while they continue to tell us great stories from their days.

With all of the new knowledge and skills that our leaders learned, I can guarantee that all of the camps that they will plan will be a blast! So, to everyone, get ready for the leaders who attended are well-equipped with new knowledge and skills that is needed in camps, they are ready and are hungry to organize.


Article by Ldr. John Earl Aldea – Chiro Pasig

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