Super C: Quest for the Missing Cards

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Three Chiro groups from Cainta, Montalban and Olandes joined forces last April 6-9, 2013 for a Super Hero summer camp.

Here is a short interview with one of their camp leaders, Ldr. Jonie Molina.

Q: What’s special about this camp?
A: It is a joint camp of three local groups.
It has a unique Super Hero theme.
The third day is for the Praise Fest (Let’s ActiFaith)
The games revolve around 12 relevant topics which are:

1. Differently Abled
2. Intercultural Differences
3. Budgeting and Saving
4. Bullying
5. Consumerism
6. Abuse of Technology
7. Vices
8. Conquering our Fears
9. Children’s Rights
10. Education
11. Diseases
12. Climate Change

Q: So the mission is for the members to look for the 12 cards?

Yes, but there is a thirteenth card which the members have to find – something which is inside them. It will be revealed on the third day.

Q: What do you hope to achieve after this camp?
A: We hope that they become agents of change in their community.
We also hope that they will start to take action to do what is right.

A super summer camp indeed!
So now can you guess who SUPER C is?

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