Social Action


Chiro’s activities goes beyond the grounds of the parishes. We take part in promoting environmental awareness, and children’s rights among others. We also extend our activities to children in mission areas. We are in solidarity with the poor especially in times of calamities and disaster.


1. Let’s Have Breakfast 

Awareness about nutrition is important for the young and their parents. All local groups are mobilized to raise awareness about eating healthy breakfast, sharing a meal with children in different communities and bringing the Chiro spirit to all places around the Philippines. As Jesus himself said, “Come, let’s have breakfast” (John 21:12).

Duration: 2014-2015 (3 years)

2. Chiro Builds a Classroom for Cabak Elementary School

Chiro in cooperation with Chiro Flaanders and FIMCAP responds to the need of the Yolanda (Haiyan) victims in Cabak, Bantayan Island, Cebu by building a classroom for the elementary school children before Christmas this year.

Duration: October to December 2014 (3 months)

3. Disaster Preparedness

Being a country susceptible to natural disasters, there is a need to raise awareness among the children about how to react to different emergency situations like flood, storm, earthquake and volcanic eruptions.

Duration:  2015 one year



Green Project 

The aim was to plant as many trees as possible to curtail the effects of climate change especially in an archipelago like the Philippines. Each local group organized a tree planting day or GREEN DAY in 2013 and planted around 50 trees each local or about 2000 trees in one year.  Everyone is encouraged to continue this project and follow up, care for and nurture the seedlings planted a year before.

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