Our journey with our baby group

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“Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning” and for Chiro, play is one method of catechism!

Here is an article about the recently concluded Thematic Camp on Games in Agusan del Norte last October 22 to 24! Sixteen (16) promising leaders from Chiro Afga and Chiro Simbalan participated in this 3-day camp. Thank you to their very supportive parish priests, Fr. Graciana Brazas, CICM and Fr. Robertus Bijaksana, CICM

After the Iskrambol Camp last 2012, I never had an experience of Chiro outside my local group again. So, it is an honor to join the training, “Thematic Camp on Games”. What is a thematic camp on games? What can we benefit from this kind of training? Actually, we will know about it through our experiences in the camp. This is the experience that I’ve been waiting for a long time.   I miss this feeling, the feeling of being a participant who undergoes many challenges to measure one’s capabilities, strength, and weaknesses.

New friends, new trainers, new training and new experience, these are the different aspects that can mold our leadership. To be one of the Chiro leaders is an honor, because it leads each of us to discover oneself better. I once ask my co-leaders in Afga, “What is the hardest thing to do? Is it being a leader? Or being a participant? They can’t choose right away, because being a leader and being a participant is both hard.

The camp was worth our time, though it was a little bit exhausting and hard. We love the idea of having an active game every day in the camp from the first day until the end. This active game boosted our energy and competitiveness. We really enjoyed the night game, “Who’s the President” in the pool and the “Sack Ball” in the sand.

Going out from the four walls of school and making our lessons to reality through the activities we did in the camp is very refreshing. The sessions of the training refreshed our minds and heart and pushed us to work hard, because we aim to be an effective leader. Knowing again the importance of play and the benefits of play to the children is a big help for us to understand our members better.

We also learned so much in the categories of games and the game with a point where in this activity we were challenged to look for bible verses and topics fitted in the game. It was very fulfilling, because we can get better explanations and better lessons to give to our members.

When the last part of the camp almost ended, the trainers instructed us to make a process design in a new format and it was very challenging for us. Despite of difficulties, we helped each other and ended the camp with a big smile in our hearts.

Chiro Afga is very happy to have another expansion of Chiro here in Mindanao, the Chiro Simbalan our baby group. We hope and pray that Chiro Simbalan will live forever. I believe that the leaders corp of Chiro Simbalan will grow and learn more from their experience just like Chiro Afga and I know they will do much better.

Long Live Chiro Mindanao!

Article by Ldr. Fairy Ferlyn Echavez Colon (Asst. Group Leader of Chiro Afga)

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