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“Ali na Mangaon Nata”. This is the common expression that most of us say when we invite someone to eat with us. The essence of this act is not just the food that we offer to others but what matters most is the act of INVITING THEM join us. We want to be with them. This is not just about the food but it’s all about the moment of being together.

Last January 3-5, 2014, fifty-nine Chiro leaders coming from Afga and Cebu were gathered together and united once again for the LTC held at Blessed John Seminary, Mabolo, Cebu City. This camp aims to equip the leaders with new ideas, strategies, and methods in handling divisions and at the same time carrying their mission with enthusiasm and firm commitment. The camp was even made worth memorable because of the presence of the Jubla trainors. They had given us a glimpse of how do they handle their children efficiently and effectively. They rejuvenated our creative minds in catering activities to the members that would really make sure that children would always attend Chiro Gatherings. They taught us on how we could possibly deal difficult situations especially unexpected accidents. They emphasized that when planning activities, children’s security should be our prior basis.

There were a lot of topics and activities that the trainers had prepared for us. They made us assured that when we handle activities, we should be creative. They were like spices that empowered us to be competent in continuing the mission. Some of the stuffs that we’ve done in the camp made us aware of the realities of who we are now in today’s era of new evangelization in upbringing the Word of God to His people. It made us realized of what’s our significant and great role for the society especially for the youth.

One of highlights of the camp was the Year-theme Launching which thrilled the hearts of everyone. Leaders introduced the watchwords creatively in the kitchen. It motivated us to value the essence of generosity and solidarity which are the ground values of the Year-theme.

We, Chiro leaders will not just prepare activities so that children will experience it but we conduct activities because we want to bring them closer to Christ by having a personal interaction WITH THEM. We experience together the presence and love of Christ through activities that we have. THIS IS THE CHIRO WAY!

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