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The Visayas and Mindanao Region had their Leader’s Training Course (LTC) last December 27 – 30, 2016 at Seminario Mayor de San Carlos Cebu City. It was attended by 38 leaders from local groups of Danao, Matutinao, Oslob, Sangi, CTU, Afga, and Simbalan. To make the training more exciting, we invited Jungwacht and Blauring (Jubla) trainers to share their knowledge about handling kids. Read the article below, written by one of the training participants from Sangi as she looked back to her LTC days.


Among the ideals a leader keeps to guide or direct his people, it has always been his commitment in the service of God that drives him to do more.

I tell you, my 2016’s Christmas vacation was supposedly intended for my school projects but Leadership Training Course came and I know I have to attend or I might lose this overwhelming opportunity. This is surely my hope for the betterment of my local group.

And so after deciding, within a split-second, the spirit of excitement kicked in my nerves, totally forgetting my burdensome schoolwork. Actually, I got my bags packed two days earlier the camp and even woke up at the very first hour of December 27, 2016 even if the assembly time we have agreed upon with my co-leaders was 4 AM to wait for the bus.

However, it was raining cats and dogs while we waited for it. Heavy drops of rain slightly tripped over my bag, my shoes and my clothes but I’m not in the mood to quiver much for those. I could only think of my half-bitten butter sandwich, which I guarded strong-willingly against the disastrous wetness. Thank goodness, the bus appeared not so long as how it used to in these rural areas. As a storm just can’t stop me from joining this camp and of course, savoring my beloved sandwich, like my projects.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough sandwich to entertain me for about 4 long hours and my precious friend named sleepiness was out of my reach but then someone chatted me on Messenger, a very good friend of mine, rather more precious than that treacherous sleepiness. She’s from the Mindanao Region so it isn’t often as 1, 2 and 3 to see her personally. She said their ferry was already near the coast which made my brows furrow in bewilderment but later I realized, she also joined the camp! Now, more excitement ravished my whole senses, then dozed me to a peaceful sleep while everything outside the bus went wrecked and disturbed.

Just as we get off the bus at the terminal, the sun greeted me with a generous amount of light, seemingly jolting me to hurriedly walk the red carpet to the grand camp. And so I did.

Apparently, we arrived two hours later the registration booth opened since the traffic jam bigheartedly gave us our share and Mr. Taxi Cab sent us to Seminario Mayor de San Carlos’ first gate so we have to walk over to the third gate where we should be.

The seminary’s facade gave us an astounding feeling of elegance and sophistication. In normal times, we could have pose for a while in front of it for a Facebook update but we didn’t since we hastily went inside those doors and got our names registered.

Scanning through all the names listed in the registration form, it was a déjà vu! Familiar names were there and I could feel the unseen reunion agendum somewhere at the back of our minds. Speaking of reunion, someone from my right peripheral view waved and brilliantly smiled at me so I made a 90-degree head-turn to see who it was. Voila! My friends from the Mindanao Region! Were there anything else that could make it more exciting? Oh! Yes! The camp itself!

By two in the afternoon, we officially opened the camp with the Chiro Opening Ceremony and “The Family” as the Watch Word of the day. The Chiro Trainers then tasked us to “Know our family” as our first action point. We also got to meet three trainers from Jubla Switzerland: Olivia, Flavio and Laura, which even made the camp more and more exciting.

Thereafter, the Chiro Trainers divided us according to the division groups we handle at our own local groups. The Sun Division named their family “Pamilya Masayahin,” Crown Division as “Pamilya Hokage,” Christi Division as “Pamilya Maganda” and lastly, my very own life group, Aspirants Division as “Pamilya Dimagiba.”

It was hard at first to be relaxed with each other and just share our thoughts comfortably with the family but as what our ‘action point’ suggests on that day – “Know your family” – so we got along pretty well with our families in the long run. In actual fact, my family was awarded to be the most close life group. I guess birds with the same feathers flock together, we’re talkatives!

Anyhow, the sessions were so productive that such were handled by effective trainers. Undeniably, these sessions are very applicable to real life situations. They are very convenient for organizing proficient activities which I always aim for.

There were also new games, cheers and dancing and singing activities I learned and memorized that I can share to Chiro Sangi. My members would be so eager and happy to hear them too for sure.

Everybody, including the staffs, participated proactively. This could be seen most especially during our Barrio Fiesta.

According to the pink invitation I received for our kind of Barrio Fiesta, we should wear festival costumes yet because we don’t have one, instead, we used our blankets which were coincidentally designed culturally festive. Yes, we are very resourceful and everyone couldn’t agree more.

The night was jam-packed with glorious laughs and cheers. Eyes glittered full of pride as witnessing the astounding talents of each family. Hearts were filled with happiness and contentment with the messages delivered by each presentation. Eventually, the night ended wonderfully.

We could guess that the sessions and the Barrio Fiesta were the highlights of the event but I would like to take to the limelight my experiences with Pamilya Dimagiba.

My family was known to be the most cheerful life group during the training. Every now and then, we would talk, laugh and smile endlessly. But they didn’t know we went through severely difficult times because of miscommunication and misconception. We could conclude that the holy mass was surely a blessing. We were reunited and the wounds were healed – granted by the Lord our God.

You see the Leadership Training Course Camp 2016 of the Chiro Visayas and Mindanao Region was not just about the steps leaders must follow in attaining a successful activity. It wasn’t just about the Chiro Advocacies and Values. It wasn’t just about the fun and making new friends. But it was about Ang Pamilyang Sims, being the living witnesses of God as one family in the body of Christ.


Article by Leader Precious Donna Gift Jayno – Chiro Sangi


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