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Chiro Philippines celebrates its 62nd birthday this month and as the Yeartheme tells us, we have to celebrate it with a breakfast this time – a special one – because the breakfast of Jesus with Peter and his group on the shores of Lake Tiberias is our model.

We know from the Gospel passage that it was followed by a serious conversation. Jesus asked Peter, the group leader, three times: ”Do you love me?” His subsequent three-time declaration of love for the Lord corresponds to an act of repentance for his previous three-time denial of the Master out of fear for his own life. Now Peter understands the weight of his Promise pronounced at the Last Supper. And he will carry it until Rome where he will face squarely the final act of his leadership.

At 62, Chiro is still asked to be a disciple of the Lord in the Parishes and willing to carry out its Promise to be a Community of Young Christians who joyfully proclaim the Lord to people.

Do we act and work as Christian Communities in our Parishes or are we merely a venue for recreation and socialization? If that would be the case than we miss the point of being Chiro and neglect our promise to be signs or instruments of God’s presence in a particular Parish .

Chiro must remain in the first place a Community with relationships and not only a happy hour venue for young people. There is “communion” in Chiro and that is something organic and living where we all have a voice, all have a role, all have a share in responsibility.

There should be no passive Chiro’s who just come to be refilled or re-energized. Every Chiro has something to give, something important of him or herself to share with others. Let’s have often a special breakfast and communion with the Lord this year, so that our Chiro community can grow even to the point that we can forgive one another for our shortcomings as the Lord did with Peter on that special breakfast on the shore of the lake……

Fr Gerry Bouckaert, CICM
National Chaplain

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