Chiro Spirituality


We want to bring the youth closer to Christ. 

It is the ultimate aim of Chiro.  Chiro follows Christ centered spirituality. Through youthful activities, we want the young to feel and see Jesus in everything they do, to be closer to Jesus, to feel God’s love, to explore and deepen their experience with God and to let Jesus be the center of their everyday lives by following his examples of joy, courage, loyalty, friendship and service.

Following the faith development stages as found in KALAKBAY (DCYMP) we sow the seed (1st stage) by preparing the young to accept the gift of faith through “new evangelization”. We use the language of the young, we engage in active play, camps, and other gathering of children and young people so that we can bringing the joy of the Gospel into their lives. We also nurture their growth (2nd stage) by providing development and nourishment in the spiritual aspect of each young person’s life. We engage in weekly faith encounters per age group in what we call division gatherings, watchword stories and structured learning experiences. We walk with young people as they become securely rooted, firmly established and built up in the faith as they grow and mature physically. We harvest fruits (3rd stage) by encouraging the young to respond to the realities in the world. Each Sunday, we discuss issues affecting their personal lives and the world around them. We encourage generosity and the spirit of volunteerism or the giving of one’s self to others. That way, we become Jesus for other people.

Chiro youths are active participants in the building of God’s Kingdom. Instead of being imposed, faith is proposed to them by showing them how to worship, celebrate and discuss their faith with others.

Chiro Creed 

I am a young Filipino Christian 

Baptized to God’s nobility

Confirmed to His service

My joy is Christ the Lord

My courage … fidelity to His will

My radiance… witness of His love

In these I will grow

With the help of the Blessed Virgin

By finding Christ in my fellowmen

In prayer, confession and the Eucharist. 


“Christ is the heart and soul of Youth Ministry. “ – KALAKBAY (DCYMP)

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