Breakfast in Tacloban from Kuching, Malaysia

Thanking the Sunday School teachers of Kuching, Malaysia
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During the partnership visit of Jungwacht and Blauring last July 2015, the Let’s Have Breakfast program hit a record high of feeding more than 200 children at LDMS Tacloban City. Six Swiss youth leaders matched by five Filipino youth leaders came together to Tacloban to see how the typhoon affected the children and province.

The encounter with the teachers and the pupils meant games, feeding program and giving of toys.

Thanks to the generosity of the Sunday School teachers from our neighbor country (Kuching, Malaysia), the children were able to get some toys and breakfast during the morning visit. Last year, when the teachers heard we were doing a program for the children of Tacloban, they volunteered to collect money and contribute.

Chiro plans to continue the Let’s Have Breakfast Program in the next years after feeding roughly more than 5,000 children from 2013 to 2016.

The year theme turned three year project is Chiro’s active stand against hunger which is a worldwide issue. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition for children, instill the value of generosity, and raise awareness about our social situation.

Sadly, innocent children are the ones who suffer the most due to lack of education about proper nutrition.  Thus, all local groups in the Philippines are encouraged to organize breakfasts for as many children outside their peripheries or parish grounds as Pope Francis himself encourages.

To our our partners in the three year Project, especially to the Sunday School teachers of Kuching, our heartfelt thanks to your support.

“Jesus invited them ‘Come and have breakfast.” (John 21:12)

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