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No Comments on Christ, the King – Our Great Leader

Teaching the history of the Philippines, Asia, and the World leads me to discover and learn more about the different styles of every leader...

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2 Comments on Lenten 2015: Chiro In Solidarity With The Poor

Pope Francis’ recent visit to the Philippines served as an inspiration and a re-awakening of faith! His presence, his composure, his smiles, his waving to the crowd, his kissing of babies, his words even in broken English — touched and energized the lives of millions of Filipino’s who braved heavy ...

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No Comments on Upcoming: ISKRAMBOL 2015

It is with great joy and excitement as we prepare for our 4th ISKRAMBOL which will be held in the Land of Beaufy and Bravery-in Batangas! Our theme for the upcoming ISKRAMBOL is about values of a Knight. An extension of the celebration of the Year of the Laity’s theme Choose to be Brave!

But this i...

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No Comments on I Want To Serve You (Yeartheme 2015)

Greetings of genuine service and unwavering commitment to all!

I WANT TO SERVE YOU, our 2015 YearTheme is a very strong declaration that we, as Chiro Pilipinas are called to a life of service...

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No Comments on You Are Invited!

Since we are in the Oscar season of the movies, I remember a movie that was an Oscar winner some 40 years ago, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” with Spencer Tracy, Catherine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier among others...

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LTC Cebu
No Comments on LTC Rocks Chiro Cebu

“Ali na Mangaon Nata”. This is the common expression that most of us say when we invite someone to eat with us. The essence of this act is not just the food that we offer to others but what matters most is the act of INVITING THEM join us. We want to be with them...

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No Comments on Let’s Have Breakfast

Chiro Philippines celebrates its 62nd birthday this month and as the Yeartheme tells us, we have to celebrate it with a breakfast this time – a special one – because the breakfast of Jesus with Peter and his group on the shores of Lake Tiberias is our model.

We know from the Gospel passage that it ...

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No Comments on Partnership Visit 2013: Tuloy Po Kayo!

The fourth batch of leaders from Jungwacht and Blauring Switzerland are all set to visit the Philippines this July 16 to August 2, 2013.

They are Alessandra Theler, Florence Cueni, Joel De Buren, Julia Merz, Simone Bumann, and Nina Ruttimann. They will be visiting Manila, Baguio, Infanta, and Cebu.

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No Comments on Super C: Quest for the Missing Cards

Three Chiro groups from Cainta, Montalban and Olandes joined forces last April 6-9, 2013 for a Super Hero summer camp.

Here is a short interview with one of their camp leaders, Ldr. Jonie Molina.

Q: What’s special about this camp?
A: It is a joint camp of three local groups.
It has a unique Super He...

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No Comments on Doing Faith: Let’s Actifaith!

Generally, when we speak of Faith, we think about something we possess or that is given to us: the gift of Faith. So we speak of Faith as though it were a material thing. In reality, Faith is a verb because Faith can be manifested only in action, so we better use the word “believe”...

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