Chiro Creed

I am proud to say I believe in Christ and that I am a Filipino.
I am a child of God. I am ready to serve Him and follow his examples.
I am happy in the company of Christ who is my friend.
I am brave enough to follow him and God’s will for me.
I give light and strength to others by telling them about Christ, my friend.
I am young and I know I need to learn a lot more but I will try to do my best to follow Christ’s example with the help of the Virgin Mary.
Christ had many teachings but I know that I should see others as if they are Christ.
I should treat them with love and respect.
I can also find Christ whenever I pray, when I go to confession and acknowledge my sins, and when I go to communion and remember Christ’s deeds for me.

2 responses to “Chiro Creed

  1. GregCadavis

    I am a chiro youth. Christ is my breath and my life. I was, I am, and I will be a chiro youth for the rest of my life. In my perspective, I made to fullfill the best of vows and on the limit of my human nature. I am proud of myself to bring both the young and old youths as many as I was able to carry.
    Perphaps I am forgoten by my fellow leaders and youths but I will keep bringing youths closer to Christ in everything.
    I am proud to help build the foundations of Chiro Ginatilan. One day,that foundations will stood tall again praying to the sky.


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