About Chiro

The CICM/ICM Missionaries from Belgium, upon seeing the need to organize the youth in the Mountain Provinces, started the Chiro Youth Movement in 1952. Chiro was also an organization existing in Belgium. Since then, the CICM/ ICM jointly established Chiro in all its parishes and schools of located in the three major island regions in the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao). Chiro’s aim is to bring the youth closer to Christ.

Chiro Pilipinas Logo - VerticalTowards the millennium change, the CICM/ICM missionaries gradually left their parishes and schools because their mission was already accomplished. The mission has grown and developed into a full pledged local church with local leaders, catechists and priests.

Our methods are: community method (young people grow together through regular interaction with one another), active method (all activities involve movement and creativity) and intuitive method (symbols, colors, drawings, etc. give deeper meaning to the topic which should be conveyed to the children and the youth).

Chiro organizes major events in the national level and regular activities in the local groups. Every three years, the Chiro Congress determines the direction of Chiro in the next years. Once every three or four years, Chiro organizes the much awaited National Camp where children and young people gather for about five days in different places around the Philippines. Each quarter, local groups may also come together to enrich one another and grow in faith through its Division Days.

Chiro groups today still gather children and young people in the parishes every Sunday. Over the years, however, Chiro gradually evolved to better meet the needs of the children and young people of each generation. Leaders are encouraged to develop more creative ideas and activities, children are divided according to age groups, and discussions methods about relevant topics affecting the youth are made unique and fun. Of course, other activities like games and camps are still part of Chiro life as avenues for the young to develop all aspects of their personal lives (physical, spiritual, social and moral).

Needless to state, at the very center of all Chiro activities from 1952 until today – is CHRIST.

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