4th Chiro Congress Statement

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4th Chiro Congress Statement
“Living the Chiro Spirit in a New Perspective”
Bukal ng Tipan Taytay, Rizal
May 19-22, 2016

We are the Chiro Youth Movement Philippines, Inc. We are a parish-based organization that aims to bring children and youth closer to Christ by catering to their holistic growth. Our group has been existing since 1952 with local groups coming from parishes in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Our affiliations with different organizations and Catholic youth movements, both locally and internationally, help the movement in fulfilling its mission.

Our regular Sunday program consists of games, singing activities, prayer moments and Division gathering which consists of Bible reflection and sharing, structured learning experiences (SLEs) among others, that serve as a venue for evangelization, catechesis, fellowship, social action, leadership training and personal development. We also use Chiro style to show creativity and discipline through intuitive means. The use of SLEs and games also help in attracting more children and youth to join the organization.

We, the Filipino youth of today, are having the perception of claiming ourselves as Catholics, however we failed to substantiate our faith [1].As a Catholic movement, we are challenged to address the issues of materialism, irresponsible use of technology, different forms of addiction and problems in family orientation that prejudice the mindset of young people in practicing their faith in a deeper perspective. The youth is noted to be animated and lively in expressing their faith but they tend to forget the real essence of faith which is bounded in emulating the life and works of Christ.

We are also facing the realities of our country concerning child rights issues such as out of school youth, malnutrition, early pregnancy, child labor, and child abuse that degrade the dignity of God’s children. We are called to save and protect the treasure of heaven – CHILDREN.

The 4th Chiro Congress with the theme, “Living the Chiro Spirit in a New Perspective”, is a call for everyone to evangelize, catechize and make people understand the basics and dynamics of the Catholic faith, by not confining ourselves in the traditional way of evangelizing the young. Just like other people, we need to adapt with our fast-changing world specifically the wide use of new technology and the rising popularity of social media. These can be good instruments in spreading ideas and beliefs of the organization but only if those are used wisely and responsibly.

The experiences gained in the congress during the workshops strengthened our drive in continuously fulfilling our mission as a Catholic youth movement. These promote Chiro’s advocacies and give emphasis on activities that support economic development and sustainability among its members and leaders.

Chiro Pilipinas should continuously think of new ideas and programs that are interesting for the youth of today without forsaking the teachings of the Catholic Church and of the organization. Orient our leaders and members on the aspects of life outside the youth ministry to motivate them in achieving holistic development by encouraging our leaders and members to finish studies and be part of the working class that will sustain their living and that will support the needs of their family.

The leaders of Chiro must be sensitive and vigilant on issues pertaining to children’s rights since our organization caters to children. We do not end our responsibility in the corners of our Sunday activity; instead, continue reaching them outside Chiro by doing home visitations and conducting assemblies of parents and leaders to talk to them about matters pertaining to the welfare and development of our members and to further discuss the rights of children. We are also striving for children empowerment by letting them know and understand their rights that will help them express their concerns.

We are called to walk an extra mile as a Catholic youth organization, as Fr. Gerry Bouckaert, CICM, our National Chaplain said, “We may not isolate ourselves from the world around us as I tried to describe its challenges. We may not entertain an island or ivory tower mentality, even though we are small youth group. We may not move around with blinders on our face that might prevent us to see the whole of reality. We may not be children of the movement who are blind for what happens in the parish, in the family, with the indigent and neglected children and with our environment. The congress invites us to see Chiro in perspective and be guided by our Vision and Mission the compass of Chiro life and our activities.”

Together as a Christ-centered organization catering to children and youth, let us live the Chiro spirit in a new perspective!


[1] From the survey results about Filipino Catholic Youth Today.
The statement was put together by:
Ldr. Jonie Molina, TEx Head
Ldr. Geril Gabriel, NL
Ldr. Russia Vasallo, NL
Ldr. Judith Dela Paz, Trainor
Ldr. Dean Baton, GL Chiro Danao
Ldr. Ruby Sanda, GL Chiro Afga

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